Take the Monday edge off with a 15-minute Mafia 3 gameplay preview


If Mafia 3 wasn’t on your radar yet, it will be in about sixteen minutes time. Unless, that is, you opt to not watch the 15-minutes plus of awesomeness that is the gameplay preview for the New Bordeaux-based mob title. But why would you do that?

Follow along with protagonist Lincoln Clay as he takes down a mob accountant. That’s… not as easy as it sounds but Mafia 3 will be giving players leeway when it comes to planning missions (in this case, a very violent and public hit) with stealth and guns-blazing being serious options. This time around it’s stealth but even that involves a lot of bloodshed.

Before you get into that, you’ll see Clay spending a little time on the river in one of the more calming sections we’ve seen in a mobster game. Well, no-one is shooting at Clay so we’re counting that. There’s also a short exploration of the world of Mafia 3, including the different areas, criminal factions and criminal activities that players will encounter in their trip through New Bordeaux. This time around has the potential to be impressively violent. And that’s if you’re taking the sneaky route.

Mafia 3 is scheduled for launch on 7 October, so it’s not going to be all that long before you can get your Mob on. Expect it to land on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, right around the time that rAge kicks off here in South Africa.

Source: Mafia (YouTube)


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