Light Start – App-candle, old school Sonic, Samsung-MediaTek, Nike’s November surprise


So we’re controlling actual candles using smartphones now…

Let’s do something a bit lighthearted for this Monday morning. Like… a smart candle. Sure, we’ve seen these before but they’re usually artificial, all plastic with a smart globe on the inside. The LuDela claims to be an actual flame-based candle that you can ignite using a smartphone. Safely, that is, as it makes sure it’s not going to burn down your home before lighting up. Cool idea but hardly the world-changing experience that the trailer above would have you believe it is. You’ll be okay if you don’t have an app-controlled set of candles in your home. Promise. But if you absolutely much have one (or more) of these technological Victorian light sources then they’re available for pre-order now. It’ll cost you $99 (R1,360) for one, but you’ll probably spring for extras — especially if you’re a Harry Potter fan. If you wait, the pricing will double. As for delivery, expect it to arrive in early 2017.

Source: LuDela (Vimeo)

Sonic goes old Old School with the Sonic Mania Collector’s Edition TV commercial

Can you believe that products used to be advertised this way? Okay perhaps it was never quite this random, even in the madness-soaked marketing that made up the 90s but SEGA’s newest commercial, for the retro throwback game Sonic Mania (specifically the Collector’s Edition of the game) expertly spoofs old informercial-like marketing that has, happily, gone the way of the Dodo since they stopped letting advertising executive committees on the set while they’re filming. It’s also a call-back to an old SEGA Genesis commercial from the 90s — so maybe things were this random after all. Watch the Sonic Mania Collector’s Edition take on eggs, fishing boxes, popcorn, and friendless Friday nights, all while covered in a grainy sheen that will make you remember why you got rid of your old CRT screens.

Source: Sonic (YouTube)

Expect some Samsung handsets to start arriving toting MediaTek processors, thanks to a new partnership

MediaTek Helio X20Samsung, as a general rule, uses either their own processors or stock from Qualcomm’s stores but their low-end handsets might begin offering silicon from MediaTek. According to reports Samsung and MediaTek have got a partnership going, with the confirmation coming by way of one of MediaTek’s executives. Just what the partnership entails hasn’t been detailed but since the company is responsible for making the majority of China’s mobile processors, we’re willing to venture a guess. Current speculation says that MediaTek chips will start appearing in Samsung’s low- to mid-range smartphones by 2017. That timeline comes courtesy of rumour but Samsung leaks tend to be on the nose. We think Samsung encourages them.

Source: SamMobile

November is the last time that you’ll have to lace up your Nikes (provided you score a self-lacing pair)

Any child of the 80s has been waiting for this since… well, since Back to the Future came out. Hoverboards, sure, but we’ve also been waiting for self-lacing sneakers. Nike has been making replica shoes and even working pairs for special events but they’re going to be hitting American Nike retail outlets this year as well. The self-lacing Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 (which suggests that they have more models on the way) will be going on sale to the general public from 28 November this year. We have a feeling that more than a few pairs are going to be left under Christmas trees this year. But there is a catch. We suspect that limited numbers, the fact that you need to make an appointment to even look at a pair (which you’re going to buy, let’s not kid ourselves) and the fact that the HyperAdapt 1.0 will need periodic charging means that your shoes are going to be a very different experience from the end of November.

Source: The Next Web


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