Light Start – A new Nokia phone, Nintendo Pi, Yahoo breach, and Nier: Automata


Microsoft’s blast-from-the-past new Nokia phones are likely also their last

So you want one last Nokia phone made by Microsoft, do you? We have to ask: Are you feeling okay? But in case you’re actually serious, Microsoft is launching what is very probably their final Nokia handset, two devices that were announced this week. Meet the Nokia 216, as well as its dual-SIM counterpart, which is set to go on sale in India soon. If you haven’t guessed based on the handset’s looks, the specs should tell you just how retro the Nokia 216 actually is. It’s running Series 30 for an operating system (yup), and packs a 2.4in 240 x 320 LCD screen. It has a front and rear camera (don’t ask questions), a 1,020mAh battery and has 16MB of online storage. Yes, 16MB. But that’s okay, because it also has 16MB of RAM. It supports up to 64GB of microSD storage, so you can at least turn it into an oversized memory card. As for pricing… it’ll cost in the region of R500 when it launches in India in October.

Source: Microsoft (YouTube)

Outside of an official retro console, this is how you do retro gaming right

Retro is the new new. Or something. That’s mostly just an excuse for us to use this video, which involves turning a very old-school NES cartridge into something that was just a pipe-dream when the NES was the best in gaming hardware. You can take a Raspberry Pi Zero board, a collection of other goodies and stuff them into a NES cartridge, turning said cart into a retro game console capable of playing more than 2,000 games. If this totally sounds like something that you’d do, you can head on here to find a step-by-step guide to doing it yourself.

Source: Howchoo (YouTube)

Got a Yahoo account? You definitely want to change your passwords

New Yahoo logoIf you still use a Yahoo account (and some of you do — we’ve seen your email addresses) then you might want to check on the security of said account. The company has acknowledged that they have experienced… a slightly significant breach of user data. To the tune of 500 million accounts. Yahoo said in a statement that “The ongoing investigation suggests that stolen information did not include unprotected passwords, payment card data, or bank account information; payment card data and bank account information are not stored in the system that the investigation has found to be affected.” Even so, we’d suggest getting into your account and changing all the things. Just in case.

Source: The Next Web

Nier: Automata is going to be fast, fun, and impressively good-looking – Here’s 20 minutes of it

You’re going to want to skip past the first two minutes of this video in order to get to the start of the action but that’s okay. What you’re going to see afterwards is some twenty minutes worth of Nier: Automata, taken from this year’s Tokyo Game Show. What you probably won’t do at first is recognise the developer signature but that’s because of the side-scrolling view. A few more minutes in, when Automata switches to an over-the-shoulder camera, you might recognise the very distinctive action work of Platinum Games, who are making this one. Shades of Bayonetta and Vanquish, along with Nier‘s taste for exploring all the genres, abound. Check it out, if you have a lengthy coffee break to spare.

Source: GamersPrey (YouTube)


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