Samsung Galaxy Note 7 sales to resume on 28 September


Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 saw its sales halted globally when a recall was issued, due to faulty batteries found in some handsets. Since the recall notice it’s been impossible to purchase a new Galaxy Note 7. Now, we have a new on-sale date for the Note 7.  That’s right, it’s not going anywhere.

note-7-fish-tankCNN Money reported last week that Samsung will be bringing the Galaxy Note 7 back onto the market, starting with South Korea, from 28 September. Other countries will be back online “…when conditions allow”, according to the report.

Samsung will be shipping out replacement handsets to the United States this week, by 21 September according to the company. American buyers have several options open to them. They can opt for a straight swap, for a phone with an improved battery, or they can snag a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, with Samsung refunding the price difference. Samsung is also offering full refunds for the Note 7, for those users who have given up on the handset completely.

As a result of all this uncertainty, South Africa’s on-sale date for the Galaxy Note 7 hasn’t been confirmed yet. We’ll be sure to let you know when that date pops up.

Source: CNN


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