Galaxy S8 rumours: Round Two – Codenames, early launch, possible headphone changes


Once a leak starts, it’s pretty difficult to get it stopped again. Following early rumours concerning Samsung’s Galaxy S8 screen and camera arrangements, there have been further leaks. Some are just items of interest, like the internal codenames for the S8, but there’s also talk of Samsung launching their new device early…

The S8 is a Dream

SamMobile reports that their sources have given out the internal codename for the Samsung Galaxy S8. Of which there will probably be two. The sources claim that the S8 will carry two serial numbers, SM-G950 and SM-G955. These two handsets will be coded Dream and Dream2, suggesting that they’re going to be very similar in spec. Qualcom and Exynos models, perhaps, or will we be seeing the S8 and the S8 Edge together after all?

Well, Apple’s done it…

Samsung is also reportedly looking at doing away with the headphone jack, echoing Apple’s move for the iPhone 7. The report, from Geek, claims that Samsung is examining the viability of ditching the 3.5mm audio port and replacing it with something proprietary. What isn’t explained is what sort of connection Samsung might opt for, if they choose to go that route, and how soon we might see it. If they’re planning to follow in Apple’s footsteps, they’d likely do it as quickly as possible so an appearance in the Galaxy S8 is possible. We’re filing this one in the To-Watch category.

With a dash of speed

Samsung might also be thinking of moving the launch of the Galaxy S8 forward. That’s not anything official from the company, that’s the opinion of analysts who believe that the company might push up the launch of the Galaxy S8 in order to offset the current situation they find themselves in with the Galaxy Note 7 recall. According to KB Investment & Securities analyst Kim Sang-pyo, “Regardless of the sales resumption [of the Note 7], an earlier launch of a new quality flagship model seems to be the most realistic solution to dealing with the current recall crisis.” An earlier launch would also improve on some of the company’s financial losses related to the recall.

Source: SamMobile, GeekKorea Herald


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