Yes, someone has gone and made an aftermarket cable for Apple’s AirPods


This is a joke, right? Apple announced their wireless headphones, the $159 (R2,300) AirPods, just last week. The big selling point is that they’re completely wireless and don’t even have to connect to each other (whether you think that’s a good idea is on you). So if someone came up with a cable accessory for these phone accessories, wouldn’t that render them… pretty much pointless?

airpods-cableAnd yet, here we are. If you must have Apple’s AirPods but also must have a wire connecting the two earpieces, you can spend more money on Spigen’s AirPod Strap, which normally will cost you $20 (R290) but which are currently on promotion for $10 (R145). The AirPod Strap is a rubber strap that connects one AirPod to the other. The benefits are obvious.

The accessory will help to make sure that users won’t lose one or the other AirPod as easily as they might if the earpieces weren’t connected together. You’ll also be able to drape the earpieces around your neck instead of tucking them away whenever they’re not in use.

But… if you’re going to go that route, wouldn’t it make sense to just not get Apple’s innovative earphones at all and instead get something where the connecting cable comes standard…? Like, say, Apple’s own EarPods? Oh, right, those aren’t wireless like these totally wireless headphones that you’ve decided to attach wires to. Very logical.

Source: 9to5Mac


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