You should be able to tweet longer from 19 September


Are 140 characters just not enough for you? That’s too bad. Your character count-per-tweet is about to stay… exactly the same. And it’s going to get longer at the same time. In a weird sorta way.

Twitter has been planning on making sure that you always have 140 characters to tweet with, explaining in May this year that it would stop counting @-mentions, links, and quoted tweets towards your character count. At the time the timeline was slated for “the coming months”. Now we know when they were talking about, according to two sources who have spoken to The Verge.

From 19 September your tweets are going to get longer. You’ll still have 140 letters to play with but images, other media, and quoted tweets won’t be counted, so you can say more without having to give up your Invader Zim GIFs.

That’s unofficial, however, as Twitter won’t comment on the date or just how extensive the rollout will be. The changes might be regional, at first, and certain media might be exempt. We’ll have to wait and see when something becomes official. Either way, next week Twitter should look, at the very least, a little different.

Source: The Verge


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