Samsung’s Galaxy S8 camera, screen rumours are already here


Apple’s newest handset has been announced, which should technically mean that major smartphone news is done for 2016. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t indulge in some rumour and Samsung’s new flagship, the Galaxy S8, has already started leaving a trail of breadcrumbs.

Crumbs pertaining to the smartphone’s screen and cameras, specifically. A report from the Korea Herald claims that Samsung is considering dropping the flat screen entirely for the Galaxy S8. The claim, which also said that Samsung’s S7 Edge was performing better than its flat rival, isn’t exactly outlandish — the Galaxy Note 7 only has a curved option available at present. Where it is available, that is.

Samsung is also reputed to be jumping on the dual camera bandwagon for the Galaxy S8, though they will have had some time to see just how other efforts are received before implementing their own solution. According to reports, Samsung will keep their excellent 12MP main sensor in place but it will be joined by another 13MP camera to help with depth-of-field.

The company will be bumping up that front camera for their next headliner, from 5MP to 8MP. That would count just as an almost-essential upgrade in 2017. Samsung’s front sensors are falling behind a tad.

This early in the cycle, however, everything is subject to change so we’re going to be keeping an eye on the usual leaks for more details and confirmation. Right now we’re treating most rumours as just rumour — even the specific–sounding ones.

Samsung has been having a tough time of things, what with the whole Note 7 recall. Besides the actual cost of recalling a large number of their handsets, the stock market has been quite brutal. The company has lost $26 billion of its market value since the Galaxy Note 7 recall was announced. Their stock has seen a slight uptick since yesterday, which is something. But if the Galaxy S8 proves to be as impressive a phone as the S7, S7 Edge and even the Note 7 have shown themselves to be (aside from that… thing it does), their stock value should bounce right back in short order.

Source: SamMobile, Korea Herald


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