If you have a large enough drone, you too can go dronesurfing


Earlier today we played host to one very scary drone. This one is a whole lot friendlier, since it’s about to introduce you all to a sport called dronesurfing. The very expensive sport of dronesurfing…

If you can’t guess, based on the name, what dronesurfing involves then we’ll just break it down for you. If you have a large enough drone and a surfboard (technically. It looks more like a wakeboard to us) then you can use the drone to drag you across large expanses of water, without needing a boat to get you moving.

You will still need a pilot though, right up until they let us control drones with our minds. Unless you have more than one pair of hands, that is. You might think this is a theoretical activity but then you probably haven’t met the drone in the video above. The one doing all of the hard work.

It’s the Freefly Systems ALTA 8, which is a multi-rotor drone designed for cinematography. We’re guessing that one was involved in shooting the video above but the $17,500 (R255,000) drone also makes a dandy dronesurfing companion. Though, at that price, it might just be a better idea to put down some cash on a boat and go the traditional route. It’s a lot harder to sink a boat than it is to lose a drone. Still, if you wanna, the option is there.

Source: Freefly Systems (YouTube)


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