Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s multiplayer beta rockets off in October


Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare‘s multiplayer is going to be fast, frantic, futuristic, and will feature a whole lot of people being shot in the throat, if the new multiplayer reveal trailer is anything to go by. It’s also going to be dividing player classes up according to Combat Rigs, which will suit various styles of play. Don’t worry about the Mountain Dew marketing department names that flash by on the screen, you’re just looking at the assault, support, sniper, CQC, speedy bugger and heavy weapons classes. From the future, so that’s all right then.

If you’re looking for a deeper dive into Activision’s multiplayer reveal, the company has you covered there. A closer look at the new Combat Rigs, a modification on the old Perks system, shows off how each base class can be modified according to a specific play style. Gun customisation is undergoing a serious overhaul too, as Infinite Warfare is going to be adding in…. crafting. Yes, really. Players will be able to rank up weapons using salvage found while playing the game (we dare say that there might be a DLC element to this too… just guessing), from stock to Rare to Legendary to Epic. Each rank of weapon adds different weapon perks. This… could get interesting.

Consumables, like grenades, and kill- and score-streaks are getting an update too. There are some old favourites there, only reskinned, but others, like the BioSpike and the Black Hole Projector, look like they’re going to grab their share of fans. And people who hate them.

A little detail on the maps is also available, showing settings from Earth, other planets and a whole lot of wall-running. Shades of Titanfall there, but the narrator points out that this is an evolution of Black Ops III, so that’s okay.

All of the stock gameplay modes are present and accounted for, too. TDM, Kill Confirmed, CTF, Hardpoint, and a whole lot more, are available. Infinite Warfare is also introducing new modes, like Defender, which turns you into a flag-carrier. Except you just need to hold onto your package. Sounds simple but you’re going to have a large target painted on your back.

And, of course, there’s the pre-order content. Aside from the bonus maps and zombie mode, those who get their pre-order in will be eligible for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare‘s incoming beta, which will start off in October this year. The exact dates are not locked down but the PlayStation 4 is getting first crack at it. Just a heads-up for the Sony fans. Sadly, there’s no PC beta. Guess those players will be riding horses in Battlefield 1, then.

If you’re a CoD maniac though, then mark 4 November. That’s when the game drops, globally. So far, it’s looking great.


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