What we’re expecting from Apple’s 7 September iPhone reveal


We’re almost there. This is the culmination of a full year’s worth of Apple-watching. Which is our way of saying that the cycle will be starting again just as soon as the ink is dry on Apple’s announcements this week. Seriously, we’re expecting the first iPhone 7S rumours to pop up before the end of the week.

But before we get there, we’re going to have to see what Apple has in store for the world on 7 September. We’re obviously going to be watching the announcements, as they happen, but this is what we’re expecting to see when the slideshow starts on the day. Which will be night-time here but that’s not the point…

iPhone 7 is go

iphone_7_dual_camera_mockupHonestly, the only way that Apple could really shock us is by not announcing a new iPhone in San Francisco this week. Seeing as how that’s not going to happen, we’re mostly stuck with sorting through the rumours for Apple’s iPhone 7. There’s persistent talk of three models hitting the market this year, which would certainly be something, but there’s also suggestion that there’s just a shakeup on the way and one of those models isn’t going to make it.

A 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch model will probably remain options, either way. We might also be in for a curved screen this year, if Apple opts to jump onto Samsung’s bandwagon, but it doesn’t seem incredibly likely.

It’s quite possible that the iPhone 7 will finally do away with the 16GB model, which does nothing but get full far too soon. At least, that’s the word according to a recent leak which suggests that Apple’s lineup will start from 32GB of storage this year, bumping up to 128GB and then 256GB.

Lastly, there could be one more design shakeup in the works. Apple is rumoured to be ditching the Home button. There’s no reason given for the change but the company isn’t likely to give reasons for adding a dual camera (also a rumour), switching to OLED screen tech, or finally sorting out that storage issue. At this point we’re just hours away from all the answers we could want, so expect a last minute leak to take place on Wednesday evening, South African time.

Another Watch to watch

Also on for this year’s event is an Apple Watch 2. Probability of actually seeing it? More than fair, considering that there were video leaks (like the one above) claiming to reveal and then completely tear down Apple’s revised Watch hardware. The Watch 2 is expected to feature a GPS of its very own but there was previously talk of a cellular-enabled device on the way. Talk which was scuttled by Apple apparently having issues with the battery in such a device.

Apple will be making it smaller and lighter, without changing a whole lot about how it looks. And they’re (obviously) going to be upgrading the battery while they’re at it. There’s supposedly something more impressive on the way for 2018 but we won’t get any hints about that at this week’s event.

Software updates all round

ios-10-widgetsWait, we’re going to be getting a new version of iOS? Of course we are. And a new Mac operating system, called macOS Sierra. And then there’s watchOS 3.0 heading our way. We’ve known about them for ages. What we’re waiting for is the exact launch date, which will probably be right around the time that Apple’s press conference ends. Perhaps not for all of it but we should see iPhones around the world slowing internet traffic down before the new iPhone 7 hits stores, at the very least.

Cloudy with a chance of MacBook

apple-macbook-pro-15-retinaWe could just see a new MacBook Pro popping up at Apple’s event this week. There isn’t a whole lot of serious evidence in favour of this but just hear us out. The company is phasing out their non-Retina lineup and the MacBook Pro is due for a refresh, and soon. That, combined with some wishful thinking, equals the possible announcement of an updated roster of MacBook Pro hardware. We’re not saying it’s going to happen but we’re also not saying that it’s not. Join us on Wednesday evening to find out which it’ll be.


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