Freezing a Galaxy Note 7 and then dropping it 9 metres is one way to test the phone..


So you think your phone is tough, do you? Do you think it’s as tough as this Galaxy Note 7, which survived being frozen in a block of ice (okay, a ball of ice) and then tossed off the top of a 9-metre tall structure onto concrete?

Yes, that’s an actual test that the folks at GizmoSlip have come up with. It’s also a test that they’ve performed before, with a Samsung Galaxy S7 (which didn’t survive the test) and an iPhone SE (which did, amazingly). The idea is that the handset needs to endure the liquid immersion and the whole being frozen thing. The freezing process is tougher on the phone than you’d think, as it could possibly force the smartphone’s seals open, despite Samsung’s IP68 rating for the device.

Then, once they finally let it go (sorry) from the top of the building, the theory is that the ice should protect it from being completely smashed on the hard surface below.

How does the Samsung Note 7 fare? You can watch the video for the actual test but we can tell you that it remained uncracked and actually powered on once it was liberated from its icy prison. That’s a pretty hardy phone, right there.

Source: via UberGizmo


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