Meet the New Galaxy Style New Nintendo 3DS XL


When you were young, did you ever met a kid with a name that you just knew bought him a whole lot of grief from other kids. The names vary from region to region but there’s one universal constant: Someone’s going to be teased. We feel a little like that about the new New Nintendo 3DS XL, which has been dubbed the New Galaxy Style New Nintendo 3DS XL.

Seriously. That’s its whole name. It’s like naming your kid Alistair Moonbeam Sunshine Mervin Percival Richardson (the Third) and insisting that said offspring uses his complete title every time he introduces himself. We all know the kid is going to switch to something a lot shorter so we’re going to suggest the name Galaxy 3DS XL for this one. It might sound like it could be sponsored by Samsung but we’d take it.

The name aside, we’re quite taken with the all-purple outer casing with its stellar lid design that wouldn’t look out of place on an airbrushed panel van driven by Dr Algernop Krieger. The interior is less eye-catching, a blue-purple that doesn’t sear the eyeballs in such a violent manner. If Carl Sagan was still with us we imagine he’d play 3DS games on this handheld. And we’d totally be up for collecting stars in Super Mario 3D Land with the cosmic one and his cosmic 3DS.

Besides the admittedly-pretty visuals, what does the New Galaxy Style New Nintendo 3DS XL have in store for users? Er… not much, really. It’s a bog-standard New Nintendo 3DS XL with a nifty new design. Just don’t make fun of the name, okay? So far the new console has only been announced for the US, with availability starting this week. There’s no sign of it in local channels just yet.

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