Sony’s September PlayStation Plus price increase won’t apply to South Africa


If you caught wind of the pending North American and Canadian pricing increases for an annual PlayStation Plus subscription, don’t panic. The price increase won’t apply to South Africa. Not for the moment, anyway.

PlayStation Plus is going to become more expensive in the States and Canada, climbing from $49.99 per year — the same price that the service has cost per year since its 2010 inception — to $59.99 a year. A three-month subscription will also be more costly while a month-to-month sub will remain the same. But, again, this only applies if you’re North American (or live next to them).

A local report, citing Sony’s South African representatives Ster Kinekor, says that South African gamers won’t have to worry about the pricing increase. Europe’s PlayStation Plus pricing scheme also remains unchanged, so we should be safe for now. A year’s sub to the service will still set you back R749 a year, or R219 for three months. Or R99 a month, if you’re into the whole month-to-month thing.

That isn’t to say that we’re completely safe. If Sony opts for a more global price increase (and there’s no reason to expect that only the US and Canada will be affected in the long run) we’ll let you know what the damage will be here at home.

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