More GoPro Hero5 images and features have leaked


Earlier this month we were given a brief glance at GoPro’s new Hero5, specifically the interface, as well as a few hints as to what the camera would entail when the company made it official. Now there’s even more to go on, as images — both physical and renders — of the new Hero5 have surfaced online.

GoPRoHero5-1The images suggest that the GoPro Hero5 will be a little larger than previous models. Just as well, as the Session was extremely easy to lose. More than that, waterproofing is baked into the camera by default. Reports claim that it will be submersible up to three metres without needing an extra casing. If you’re going any deeper then a new ‘Super Suit’ shell will protect the Hero5’s internals.

It’s not just the look of the thing, and the interface, that has spilled the beans. Someone has dumped the user manual on Reddit (a leak which has since been plugged). All of the apparent specs were outed with the manual leak, though we’ve been unable to verify them. In brief terms, the GoPro Hero5 sports much the same hardware profile as the Hero4. There are some differences, though.

The Hero5 will have the ability to upload files directly to cloud storage (the GoPro Plus subscription service, specifically) and there will be voice commands available too. A lot of them are sedate instructions, for starting and stopping a recording, powering the camera on or off and tagging a highlight. Except… there’s more than one way to tag a highlight. You can either say ‘GoPro HiLight’ or you can say ‘That was sick’, probably at high volume with adrenaline pouring out of your pores.

Leaks are still not proof of the final product, however, and GoPro has yet to admit to any of the above. Some of it, like the hardware profile, is probably locked down but the voice options may still be subject to change. We’ve got our feelers out for something more official. We’ll let you know when that happens.

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