Is this PlayStation Neo or an unannounced PlayStation 4 Slim?


Could we be looking at Sony’s new PlayStation Neo console? Honestly we have no idea if this is Neo or an unannounced PlayStation 4 Slim unit but either way, someone’s probably made a horrible mistake.

The image above (and the one below) is taken from an online auction listing and seems to show a redesigned PlayStation 4. The casing is smaller than the original Sony console and the edges have been rounded. All in all, it looks like something that Sony might do if they were creating a PlayStation 4 Slim.

If the console has been hoaxed them someone has gone to the trouble of mocking up a console chassis and packaging for the (possibly fake) unit. With the state of home 3D printing (and just conventional printing), it’s honestly not that hard to do. Without a look at the console itself, it’s impossible to be sure.

PS4 Slim PackageThe original listing offering the console for sale has been yanked but several outlets harvested all of the images that came along with it before that happened. Sony isn’t commenting on the apparent leak but we’ll know whether someone jumped the gun when the company’s 7 September event comes to put the matter to rest.

Source: Polygon


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