Need your own light saber? Time to get a 3D printer


So you’re a Star Wars fanatic and you’ve already got just about everything you’re allowed to buy (and a few things that you’re not). Where do you go from there? Well, you’re going to have to start making your own props and items, right? Items like this replica Sith light saber, which isn’t going to come cheap — even if you’re making it at home.

That’s because the light saber (hilt, that is) was made with a new Formlabs Form 2 printer, which is going to set you back a large chunk of bank account. Once done an LED was inserted, complete with a battery pack hidden inside the design.

Below you’ll see the creator, Sean Charlesworth, explain how he came up with this particular cutaway design that shows off the internals of the light saber. The video does come across like a Formlabs advertisement in places but when you consider the results we can see from the Form 2…

If you’re planning on making your own you’re going to need a Form 2 SLA printer. You can find the PreForm design files, as well as a few tips on finishing your light saber, at Pinform. Now if they could just get the laser side of it working, we’re all set to explore the universe.

Source: Tested (YouTube)


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