Electric hypercar: Rimac Concept_One vs. LaFerrari vs. Tesla Model S


The words ‘electric hypercar’ are going to be cropping up more and more often. Perhaps that’s not so surprising but a company from Croatia called Rimac… they’re also going to be on your motoring radar before long. This series of drag races between the Tesla Model S P90D, a Ferrari LaFerrari, and an all-electric vehicle called the Rimac Concept_One will show you why.

British YouTuber Archie Hamilton, who does this sort of thing quite often, travelled to Croatia with a Tesla Model S P90D — the one with Ludicrous Mode — and a Ferrari LaFerrari to take on Rimac’s Concept_One monster car. The resulting series of drags are surprising in that it tells us a fair amount about all three vehicles.

The Tesla Model S P90D is a fast car — that’s why its quick-launch mode has such an awesome name. But it only just manages to keep up with the 1,072 horsepower Concept_One during the initial takeoff. It was never going to trouble the Rimac, which is called a hypercar for a reason, but the Tesla was brought to Croatia specifically for this video which makes us think they weren’t expecting it to lag so far behind in the quarter-mile.

Then there’s the LaFerrari. In the two races seen the Rimac trounces the Ferrari in the first test, likely due to surprise and a sticky takeoff on driver Hamilton’s part. The second drag is much closer but the eventual outcome is the same — Rimac’s all-electric Concept_One is damned quick in a straight line. Now, let’s see them on an actual track together, eh?

Source: Archie Hamilton


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