Battlefield 1’s beta is going open on 31 August


Long-time Battlefield fans are doubtless excited by the pending launch of Battlefield 1, the awesome-looking World War One shooter that looks to be taking us back to the dawn of high-end military tech. Which is all right if you’re doing it virtually, not so cool if you have to actually take part.

Since we’re looking at the online shooter, we should be okay. And you should be able to get an early taste of Battlefield 1, which is going to have a public beta from 31 August. The open beta will be running on the PlayStation 4, PC, and the Xbox One but there is a way for eager players to get their hands on some clunky weaponry a little early.

Electronic Arts will be granting early access to the beta to anyone who signs up for the Battlefield Insider program and specifies their platform (PS4, PC, XBO) before 21 August. Players will have access to the Sinai map (see below) with two game modes on hand: Rush and Conquest. We’re having trouble deciding whether we’re more excited for the Armoured Train or attempting to fight on horseback. With 64 players per game it’s probably not going to matter much. There will be mass panic and chaos everywhere.

While you’re waiting to get your hands on some World War 1-era weapons and transportation you can check out the Battlefield 1 Gamescom trailer (above). Set mostly in North Africa (on the Sinai map) you’ll see some very unsafe planes — but then any Battlefield plane is unsafe since everything thinks he’s a bloody pilot — a load of horses, tanks, trains and sand. Lots and lots of sand. Oh, and the masks from Army of Two, for some reason. Pretty sure those are not canon, are they?

Battlefield 1 launches for PS, PS4 and Xbox One on 21 October this year.

Source: Electronic Arts


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