London’s Metropolitan Police are putting together their own team of troll hunters


The London Metropolitan Police are putting together a task force of… well, the best description would be troll hunters, to go after people who say and do nasty things online. The pilot program, consisting of five support officers, is called the Online Hate Crime Hub and will cost £1.7 million over the next two years.

The initiative will see the five officers identifying online abuse and hate crime, locating the physical area connected to the online crimes that have taken place (the UK is known for having some hardcore laws about being nasty to other people on social media), and then having the correct arm of the London cops assigned to the incident.

The London Mayor’s Office said, via a spokesman, that “Community groups in London have told us that online hate crime is an issue of increasing concern to them, and one for which the police response has in the past been inconsistent.”

So if you’re going to be trolling in London then you might have some actual internet police kicking your door in at some point. The task team is going to be set up in the next few months before going active. Then we can see what London’s troll hunters are made of.

Source: London Mayor’s Office via Engadget


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