A brief glimpse of Titanfall 2’s single-player campaign


Perhaps you played the first Titanfall. Maybe you didn’t — there were problems with the game when it came time to launch here in South Africa. Either way, Titanfall 2 is looking worthy of everyone’s attention. That’s because Respawn Entertainment are including a single-player campaign with the multiplayer man-and-mech title this time around.

Unlike Call of Duty, which frequently uses the (always explosive) campaign as a way to get prepped for online multiplayer, Respawn says that the single-player is more about the story than developing high-speed twitch skills. Players will take on the role of pilot Jack Cooper who is working with mech BT-7274. The pair are developing a bond of sorts…

The newest gameplay video doesn’t explain much of this, though. What we do see are a collection of enemies, several varied settings, and more gameplay options than we would have expected. The video looks to incorporate first-person platforming with wallrunning and other Titanfall-like skills, first-person combat (both ranged and melee) and a very angry man with a large knife. Titanfall 2‘s campaign could well be slower than we’ve expect from a game that started out as a high-speed online kill-fest. We’re looking forward to it.

The 30-second burst of action is heavier on (visual) information-per-second than the 2-minute-long single player reveal (below) that was released at this year’s E3 conference. If you watch the longer video it seems as though actress Katey Sagal might be involved, though this hasn’t been confirmed. Yet. It certainly sounds like her, though.

Watch out for Titanfall 2‘s launch on 28 October. If you weren’t looking forward to some soldier and mech action before, you probably are now.

Source: Respawn Entertainment


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