Of course someone turned the Xbox One S into a laptop – Meet the Xbook One S


The Xbox 360, in its lifetime, has had several mods that turned it into a portable device and the PlayBook compressed an Xbox One and a PlayStation 4 into a single unit. Now the mind behind the PlayBook – which was a custom order – has come up with a laptop-sized Xbox One S called the Xbook One S.

It follows on the heels of the Xbook One, an Xbox One that was compressed into a briefcase-sized profile with its own HD, 22-inch Vizio display. The Xbook One S takes advantage of Microsoft’s own slimming own, especially the removal of the power brick, to make a self-contained Xbox One S small enough to take on a plane. Because that won’t confuse airline security at all.

At least one sacrifice had to make for the smaller size. Instead of the 22-inch HD screen users will have to make do with a 720p 19-inch Samsung display. Other than that it’s a stock Xbox One S in a custom casing that should work just about anywhere.

The modded console is available for purchase, though since it’s been modified Microsoft’s not going to support the hardware. If you want one it’ll set you back R20,000, plus shipping, for the 500GB Xbox One S. A 1TB version will R20,650, plus shipping. At least the console’s not region-locked, so you won’t have to import your games.

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