Sony announces 7 September event – Will we see the PlayStation Neo?


Sony has confirmed, following invitations sent out to selected media, that there will be an event called a ‘PlayStation Meeting’ taking place in New York in early September. Almost immediately speculation concerning the purpose of the meeting began and the obvious choice, the reveal of Sony’s upgraded PlayStation Neo, popped up.

The PlayStation Meeting will take place on 7 September, at the PlayStation Theatre at 3PM ET. The venue seems like an appropriate location for showing off a new PlayStation, we would think. Reports, from French website Gameblog and Vice, claim that the PlayStation Neo is on the cards for the event.

PS MeetingVice‘s source claims that Sony will be using the event as a “technical showcase”, with another saying that developer units will be making their way to new homes at about the same time.

The PlayStation Neo hasn’t been a secret for a long time, with Sony confirming its existence just before E3 2016. What we haven’t seen is the hardware itself, only speculation about what we’re getting. The upgraded console is thought to be able to compete on a hardware level with Microsoft’s Xbox One S at the very least, with next year’s Microsoft Scorpio console possibly, or even most likely, within its sights too.

The event will be live-streamed, according to Polygon, so everyone should have a front-row seat of the (as-yet only possible) reveal. We’ll certainly be keeping an eye on matters and Sony also says that more information will be released closer to the 7 September event date. Neo time?

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