Details of the GoPro Hero5 have leaked


GoPro arguably make their devices too well but that hasn’t stopped them from coming up with new action cameras so we can have more awesome wingsuit videos to watch. The next in line is the GoPro Hero5 and now we’ve got some idea what the new camera might look like. Figuratively speaking, as there are no actual photographs just yet.

This is thanks to a short video clip that has surfaced online, which claims to show some of the Hero5’s interface, as well as an FCC filing that gives some indication of the device’s look and a new feature.

The FCC filing mentions that the GoPro Hero5 will ship with a built-in GPS, though it doesn’t explain how the GPS would be used. We certainly know how we’d like it to be used but nothing is confirmed yet. The filing also seems to indicate that GoPro’s newest will be lighter and thinner. That shouldn’t come as a shock as it’s largely standard for device upgrades of late.

The video, which you can see below, claims to be a snippet of a GoPro Hero5 instructional video (and at 9 seconds it really is just a snippet). The sliver shows off some of the interface, with touchscreen controls and something called GoPro Sniper. We’ve got no idea what that is beyond the name so let your imagination run wild. At least until the official announcement, which should be taking place later this year.

Source: via Engadget


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