The first handset running Android 7.0 Nougat is LG’s V20


So you want to get your hands on Android 7.0 Nougat, do you? Unless you’re in the States you’re probably going to have to wait for a handset to launch that has Nougat installed from the outset. As it happens, the first smartphone to do so is coming from LG – The newly-announced LG V20 will boast Android 7.0.

The bad news is that you’re likely going to have to import that handset too. LG’s V20 is the sequel to the V10, an extremely premium handset that featured an always-on mini-screen, metal body and a spec bump over the LG G4, which it emulated with regards to most of its hardware. It also never launched here in South Africa. So… we’re not expecting the LG V20 to land here any time soon either.

But if you’ve got an Android itch then the V20, which is supposed to start shipping from September this year, is going to be right up your alley. LG says that their handset “…builds upon the premium and rich multimedia smartphone experience of last year’s LG V10” but hasn’t given any specs out. A metal-bodied handset with a tweak on the LG G5 hardware formula seems the most likely recipe. They’re also promising “…cutting-edge multimedia features” so we’d be surprised if the camera wasn’t at least as good as the one found in the G5.

Source: LG via Droid Life


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