Star Wars: Episode IV told in a single 123-metre long image


If you’re any kind of Star Wars fan then you know the plot of the first Star Wars film, also known as Star Wars: Episode IV or as A New Hope. You’ve probably seen it in a theatre, on VHS, DVD, Blu-ray and are fully expecting to watch it while wearing a VR headset at some point. Seeing the tale retold in another medium probably isn’t a stretch.

But this is no novelisation, graphic novel or comic book adaptation. Star Wars: Episode IV has been re-re-re-re-told in image form. Just one image, though. An image that is 123 metres long in its entirety. It’s the culmination of more than 1,000 hours of work in Adobe Illustrator CC by designer Martin Panchaud.

Some of you might ask why such a thing would be created? Those people are probably not Star Wars fans. For the rest of you:

“Star Wars series has had a heavy impact on pop culture and they continue to influence [through]generations. It is a modern form of mythology and the IV episode is where it all began.”

“Other than this Star Wars is a childhood memory. Maybe some of you may recall your very own and personal sensations you had when you first saw the film. My visual style leaves more space for the individual imaginary universe.”

“Star Wars went far beyond cinema. On the official side there are all the merchandising products and on the other hand, there is an enormous amount of underground fan art, reenactments and costume conventions. All of them are made spontaneously with no other goal than to be a part of the Star Wars universe.”

For reasons of sanity we’re not going to post the whole 123-metre long image here. If you want to see it in its entirety (and if you decide to print it, let us know how many printers die in the attempt), head to the link above. Depending on how familiar you are with the film, you should find each scene playing out in your head as you scroll down the page. For the rest of the day. Happy Monday.


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