PlayStation VR – Here’s how much space you’re going to need


“I just need a little space. It’s not you, it’s me.” Horrifying words if you’re in a relationship, a lot less so if Sony’s the one saying them – at least in the context of using their PlayStation VR setup. Having Sony actually break up with you might be more soul-wrenching than normal.

Sony does need some space. Quite a bit of open space in your lounge, right about where your TV is kept, in order for the PlayStation VR setup to function as intended. Just how much space is something that we now know as Sony have released some new documentation (link below) outlining just what you’re going to need to inhabit virtual worlds.

First off, you’re going to need a PlayStation 4 and a controller, as well as a PlayStation Camera. PlayStation Move controllers are also suggested. Some games are going to need them.

dam-psvr-playarea_en2Then there’s the space. Users will require about 5.6 square metres of cleared space for the Camera to see where you are and accurately place you into a game. The play-space needs to be 3 metres (from your TV on backwards) by 1.9 metres. Some of us… may require a larger entertainment area. Where did we leave that hammer? Hopefully it’s not a load-bearing wall…

It’s not clear whether you actually need all of that space. Players will have to confine their play to the play area and it’s suggested that users clear a larger area of obstacles. Just in case.

Sony also says that kids under 12 years old shouldn’t be using PS VR and if you’re old enough, you should still be sitting down while playing. We’re guessing that’s got a whole lot to do with you not crashing into walls, furniture and passers-by. We can’t wait for the video footage to surface after Sony’s expected October launch of people doing just that anyway. People gonna peep. At least the company is legally covered.

Source: PlayStation Asia via Polygon


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