You can’t beat Apple for really stupid amounts of money earned per minute


We quite like the term “stupid amounts of money”. It’s really a descriptive way of explaining large chunks of revenue earned by breaking numbers down from billions (of rands, dollars, yen, whatever) to mere thousands. And if you thought that Pokémon Go was the king of making stupid amounts of money, you haven’t seen Apple in action.

Apple SecondsApple might very well be the monarch of charge of all the numbers. Website Every Second has a visual representation of all things Apple – how many iPads and iPhones are sold each second. How much revenue they make each second. How much they spend on marketing each second. How many people visit an Apple Store each second. All of it, in one place.

Long story short, the company makes $195,000 – to round the number down – every 30 seconds. That’s R2,7 million every 30 seconds. That’s just revenue, though. If we’re talking pure profit, then Apple’s making $40,000 (R555,000) every 30 seconds. Profit. And the company keeps doing that all freaking year. Outside of business hours, we’re assuming. Except that it’s always business hours somewhere.

Assuming that they keep up turnover at a constant rate 24 hours a day (which is unlikely but we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, in the service of easier-to-understand math) then the company makes a profit of R1.6 billion ($115 million) every 24 hours. Based on Apple’s record profits announced in October last year, where the company posted a profit of $150 million daily ($53.4 billion for the year) in the 2015 reporting period, these numbers are easily within their reach. Your move, Pokémon Go.

Source: Every Second via The Next Web


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