Fight: Steamroller versus 17 LCD computer screens


This is tech-related, right? A man with a strange accent and his own steamroller who goes around crushing things on video takes on 17 LCD computer screens. Two contestants enter, only one leaves. We’d be very surprised if ageing computer displayers were able to wreck this piece of heavy equipment, though, so it’s a little one-sided.

The Road Roller, as the steamroller in question is known, makes a habit of placing stuff in front of it and squishing said stuff. It just so happens that today we’re looking at the kind of computer screens you’re forced to use at work when the IT guy really, really doesn’t like you (and don’t kid yourself, those guys play favourites). It’s almost soothing watching cubicle-decorations being reduced to really flat screens.

If you’ve just found your new fetish then head on over to the Road Roller’s YouTube channel. The steamroller has taken on TVs, PCs, sets of dice and a whole mess of office equipment. At this point we’re almost convinced that the host is taking revenge on his workplace by sneaking unmonitored stuff out and mashing it flat. And we’re okay with that.

Source: via The Verge


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