Light Start – Sherlock’s (almost) back, easy Pokécase, Sonic Mania, and flying golf carts


Here’s your first look at Sherlock Season 4

Some of the last words we heard from the BBC-made Sherlock series were “Did you miss me?” Sure, they gave us the Abominable Bride in between Season 3 and Season 4 but it’s still been too damned long. So this long-awaited teaser, which promises that Sherlock‘s fourth season is “coming soon”, has us rather bloody excited. There are a few new faces and a whole lot of old ones but it looks as though everyone’s in danger of having their faces blown off this time around. Even Mrs Hudson has taken a level in badass, while Sherlock himself is… shocked, a lot of the time. Season 4 can’t land soon enough and it’s going to be over far too soon. Even so, we can’t wait.

Source: Sherlock (YouTube)

If you absolutely have to catch that Pokémon, this 3D-printed case is here to help

Easy PokecaseLook, this is the equivalent of that old Tiger Woods Golf trick on the PlayStation One, which used a ruler next to the thumbstick for a perfectly straight shot every time. But perhaps you just suck at throwing Pokéballs inside Pokémon Go. This 3D-printed case for the iPhone 6, created by one Jon Cleaver, will have your balls on target every time (stop sniggering back there). The groove in the middle of this case keeps your finger movement dead-on, so if you’re constantly seeng your Pokéballs whizz off to the sides, this is the fix for you. If your balls could do with a little straightening, head here to download the 3D-printer files. It’s kinda like cheating, to be honest, but tell that to your empty roster of Pokémon.

Source: Gizmodo

There’s a new Sonic gaming coming in 2017 and it looks and feels like the old ones 

There’s another Sonic game on the horizon and it’s going to look familiar to gamers of a certain… vintage, so to speak. Do you know what the Sega Genesis is? If so, you might recall a certain cartridge trick with Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles. Yeah, well, what you saw onscreen back then is a whole lot like the upcoming Sonic Mania, which looks to be a serious throwback to a time when platform games took monstrous reflexes and eternal patience. At least, that’s what it looks like in the video above. And for those of you born after 1994, hit up the video above to see what all the fuss is about. Sonic’s turning 25 (feel old with us, come on) and this is Sega’s way of celebrating. We’re definitely going to be at the party next year.

Source: Sonic (Youtube)

If a Merc golf cart isn’t enough for you, how about a golf jetpack?

Okay, now someone’s just showing off. Merc is coming out with a sports car-like golf cart very soon but if you really want to turn heads on the course, you can hover from shot to shot with an actual jetpack. Which we’re pretty sure requires a pilot’s license to operate. Yes, this is a jetpack and yes, it’s designed for use on a golf course. No, it’s not the most practical thing we’ve ever seen. Yes, we’d totally take it for a spin if we had the chance. The project is called Bubba’s Jetpack and is a collaboration between golfer Bubba Watson, Oakley, and marketing agency Thinkmodo. It’s being used for golf marketing right now but it’s going to be used for more practical purposes when the jetpack goes into production next year.

Source: Bubba’s Jetpack


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