Light Start – New Titan X, Modobag, metal movies, and Apple’s car delayed


How much is too much for a GPU? Ask Nvidia’s new R17,000 Titan X

Words? Who needs words when you’ve got stylish shots, a soundtrack that would rip the throat out of a surround sound system and a bunch of details showing off the fact that your graphics hardware is the most advanced on the market. Not Nvidia, that’s for sure. They’ve detailed their refreshed Titan X GPU and it’s a $1,200 (R17,000) monster. 12GB of GDDR5X memory, 3,584 CUDA cores and 12 billion transistors capable of delivering 11 teraflops of performance. That’s almost all the teraflops (or at least as much as we have in stock right now). If you’re a PC gamer then you’re probably going to install two of these. And then play… anything you want with them. It is launching in Europe and the States on – you guessed it – 2 August.

Source: Nvidia

Modobag might just be your bag, baby

You know what sucks about travelling? Walking around airports. You know what has been invented to take care of that little problem? Something called Modobag, luggage that you can ride to your overpriced coffee and then zip back to your gate before your plane departs. You know what’s about to be banned in airports? Modobag, because we foresee at least a few races taking place if their ongoing crowdfunding campaign succeeds. Someone’s almost bound to get hurt. Damned if it doesn’t look like the most fun we’ve had with luggage since someone packed their bags at LAX with overwound springs and walked through the security checkpoint with a worried look on their face.

Source: Modobag (IndieGoGo)

This short film was created using magnets and iron filings

Don’t work with animals or small children. That’s the old Hollywood maxim and it’s a good one, no matter how you look at it. But a bratty kid has to be easier to work with than filming something using magnets and teeny tiny bits of iron, like in the video above. Oh and some computer graphics, because there’s no way you’re getting a magnet to make that deer without a large miracle. Ferro, as the short film is called, is less than a minute long but it’s an impressive feat nonetheless. Hit the link below for a making-of video if you’re keen on diving deeper into the creation process.

Source: via The Verge

Apple’s own Titan electric vehicle reportedly delayed, till 2021

TitanRemember that electric car that Apple is reputed to be making, known mostly to the world as Project Titan? Yeah, if the newest reports are to be believed, the vehicle’s reveal has been delayed until 2021. The report, by way of website The Information, claims that a former employee on the project, prior to leaving, saw the delivery date for Project Titan (whatever form it eventually takes) pushed back from 2020 to 2021. Apple still hasn’t said anything about the car yet so we’re left to rely on word from all over regarding the project. Still, folks were right about the Watch…

Source: via Engadget


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