The new Xbox One S to become available from 2 August


If your Xbox One is taking up too much space underneath your TV set and you’re looking to upgrade to something smaller, then have we got a timeline for you. The 2TB Xbox One S (or Slim) is going to go on sale from 2 August. That’s part of the good news.

The not-so-good news is that it’s going on sale in “select regions”. Add to that the fact that the 2TB is going to be limited in number at launch and you might not get your hands on the 2TB Xbox One S right off the bat. Unless Microsoft are attempting to drive up demand… nah.

What the new console (and its 1TB and 500GB versions, which will be launching at an unspecified time this year) brings to the table is a much smaller size and a few new features. The 40% smaller size difference between the Xbox One and the Xbox One S is visually explained in the promo video below while the Xbox One S will be shipping with 4K-video capability (both via streaming and Blu-ray media) as well as HDR support for gaming and video playback.

Microsoft has moved one of the console’s USB ports and the pairing button for controllers to the front of the unit. They’ve also added an IR blaster, so expect an Xbox One S remote control to make an appearance on the market soon. Oh, and they’re putting that chunky power-brick inside the (far smaller) new console as well. Just how the newly-upgraded design does against Sony’s similarly-upgraded PlayStation Neo remains to be seen but we’re looking forward to a head-to-head.

Local availability hasn’t been detailed but we’re certain that we’re not going to have another Xbox One launch situation, where we get all the nifty goodies a year after everyone else. The moment that we have pricing details here at home, you’ll be the first to know.

Source: Major Nelson


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