Time for office warfare – The Arcus is a 3D-printed rubber-band Gatling gun



We’re not sure what kind of office you work in but at Stuff Towers we occasionally take breaks to pelt each other with office supplies. In a nice way. But the Arcus, a 3D-printed Gatling gun that uses rubber bands as ammunition, is set to escalate stationary wars in a way that only 48 high-velocity rubber bands can.

The Arcus turns that single rubber band flying across a desk at someone’s head (again, this does happen at the Stuff offices from time to time) into a flood of them. Matthew Davis, the mind behind the Arcus, has designed his ‘weapon’ to fit on a person’s wrist. When it’s fully loaded, it’s able to spew out 48 rubber bands in a matter of a couple of seconds. Combine that with the element surprise and you’re well on your way to winning the office wars. Unless Jim in Accounting gets his own 3D printer, that is.

If you’re ready to join the arms race and unleash this arm-mounted chain-gun on your work colleagues (without getting fired, of course – don’t attempt this in any situation where it’s not welcome) then you can grab Davis’s 3D printer plans for the Arcus from Instructables right now. Some assembly might be required once fabrication is complete and, based on the time-lapse above, it may take some time to load as well. Use that time to plan your battle strategy.

Source: Matthew Davis (YouTube)


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