Samsung makes 2 August Galaxy Note 7 reveal official


So some of the rumours have been right after all, which bodes well for the accuracy of other reports. We’re talking, of course, about Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 which was supposed to be revealed in August this year. Samsung have confirmed via Twitter that their Unpacked 2016 event will be taking place on 2 August, and all but confirmed that the new Note will be a Note 7. They haven’t confirmed whether we’re going to see the handset/s they reveal launching shortly afterwards. We’ll get to that soon enough.

The event will be kicking off in New York, as expected, and we’ve already had an extensive look at what Samsung has in store for fans. A curved, 5.7-inch or 5.8-inch Super AMOLED will be the most prominent feature, while the company looks to be putting Qualcomm Snapdragon (the 821) and Exynos 8893 chips into the new Note 7 as well.

6GB of RAM, storage starting at 64GB and ending at 256GB (with space for microSD additions) and a reprise of the Galaxy S7’s excellent 12MP camera are also on the cards for the Galaxy Note 7. What isn’t going to be happening is a non-curved screen edition, according to most reports.

Some more esoteric features, like an IP68 rating and an iris scanner, in addition to a fingerprint sensor, are thought to be launching with the Note 7 as well. Samsung haven’t dropped any confirmation hints on the specs yet but we’re sure that we’ve got most of it taped already. We’ll have our eyes peeled on 2 August anyway, in case there are any surprises.

Source: Samsung (Twitter)


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