Red Bull and Aston Martin walk into a garage… meet the AM-RB 001


This is the AM-RB 001. Weird name for a car, right? But that’s what you get when Aston Martin and Red Bull get together to make a vehicle. Just to be clear, you’re supposed to be looking at the sporty-looking vehicle in the foreground, not the Red Bull F1 car in the back.

And what a car it is, at least visually. The AM-RB 001 was revealed yesterday but the collaboration between Red Bull and Aston Martin is a work in progress. The exterior design seems to be taped but we’re going to have to wait to see the interior of the car – it’s not done yet and won’t be until next year. The bits that are done, however… that’s what you get when F1 designer Adrian Newey (formerly of Williams and McLaren before taking up residence at Red Bull Racing) is working on a road-car.

Besides the visuals, which are striking on their own, we know that the AM-RB 001 will be powered by a V12 engine, with no electric additions. It’s going to be all-petrol, all the way and it will apparently sport one horsepower for each kilogram it weighs. While the standard (okay, ‘standard’) vehicle will be a road-legal two-seater, there’s a track-only version planned that will be capable of lapping Silverstone as fast as the 1,000hp hybrid Le Mans prototype that preceded the AM-RB 001.

If you’re interested in an AM-RB 001, you’re going to have to stand in line. Production models are expected in 2018 but there are only supposed to be 150 of them, if that, barring massive demand. There were originally 99 vehicles planned (with 25 track models) but interest has likely spiked the available number. Unfortunately there are at least 370 folks interested and most of them will not be shy about putting down between $2.6 million and $3.9 million (R37.3 million and R56 million) to own one of these. Someone’s going to be disappointed.

Source: via Ars Technica


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