Twitter will now let you supersize your GIFs


No matter how you pronounce it, the GIF is here to stay. And it’s just getting bigger. On Twitter, at any rate. The micro-blogging service has expanded the size of GIF that users can upload onto the service, to a bandwidth-clogging 15MB per animated short.

Before you get too excited (or start stressing that your uploads are going to overtake your downloads soon), there is a slight limitation. Users will only be able to make use of the 15MB size limit if they’re posting their humorous moving images via If you’re attempting to upload a GIF via Tweetdeck or a similar platform or via mobile, you’re going to be restricted to the older 5MB size limit.

It’s not a major change but it’s one that we can expect will eventually filter through to mobile, so there’s that to look forward to. The previous size increase, from 3MB to 5MB, first appeared on the desktop before extending to mobile and Tweetdeck. In the meantime, desktop browser users are able to supersize their GIFs and then just sit there looking at them like:

The DudeSource: Twitter


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