Microsoft’s Ultimate Game Sale kicks off tomorrow – Here are the discounts


Perhaps you avoided the Steam Summer Sale. Perhaps you (and your wallet) were one of the lucky ones. Now that Steam’s PC games blowout is winding down (today’s the last day), you might think you’ve escaped. Microsoft’s Ultimate Game Sale, which starts tomorrow, says that you’re wrong.

That’s because there are a whole slew of Xbox One, Xbox 360 and even some PC games (specifically Windows 10 titles) about to get some major discounts. All told there are more than 250 titles getting at least some of their price hacked off, with the discount deepening if you happen to be an Xbox Live Gold subscriber. The Ultimate Game Sale is slated to run from 5 July to 11 July, so it’s plopping itself into the void left by Steam’s vacating presence.

On the Xbox One there are discounts on the likes of Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Fallout 4, a whole bunch of LEGO titles and Quantum Break, to name just a few. The discounts, which will all be official tomorrow, go as high as 75% off in some cases – though that’s if you’re one of those aforementioned XBL Gold members.

On the Xbox 360 there’s a similar roster of cut-price games, though available titles reflect how the older console is getting on a bit. The Batman: Arkham games, various Call of Duty titles, GTA V, Hitman, Rayman, and Skyrim are just a few of the games that are about to be encheapened. Discounts on the Xbox 360 go as high as 80% off, if you’re a Gold subscriber, but you’ll have to wait for tomorrow for official pricing. Or be prepared to do lots and lots of calculating this evening.

If dry old words aren’t doing it for you then hit the dupstep-ish promotional video below. It says much the same as we have, it’s just got animations and things to distract from all the nasty old words. Then you can hit up the link below for the full list of discounts and their percentages so you can prepare your wallet for tomorrow.

Source: Major Nelson


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