Blizzard outs something new for Diablo with job posting


We have lost more hours than we’d care to admit in Diablo III, running down armour sets and grinding for post-70 Paragon levels and loot. Which, if you’re not familiar with the game, is a nice way of saying ‘Barbarian smash!’ for 600 hours. But Diablo III, despite being launched in 2014, hasn’t had nearly as much attention lavished on itself as Blizzard’s other properties. That’s probably going to change.

Blizzard has said as much with a new job listing (at the link below) for a new game director for the Diablo series. The company is looking for someone with a whole lot of game development experience to “…lead the Diablo series into the future.” Meaning that we’re probably going to be looking at a sequel rather than an expansion for Diablo III being released. So… Diablo 4, anyone?

Despite the call for a game director, which requires the successful applicant to have shipped several AAA titles as game director and also “…partnering with the production director to deliver and maintain an epic gaming experience”, there’s nothing else known about Blizzard’s plans at this time.

Ars Technica points out that the lack of mention of virtual reality hardware indicates that we’re probably looking at a more traditional Diablo rather than something experimental. The grade of qualifications required for a game director would suggest the same, except that this is Blizzard. Just about everyone they hire features a resume like that. Still, more Diablo would be welcome indeed, especially of the “…online games, action games, and / or role-playing game” stripe. The wait we’ve just started to endure? Not so much.

Source: Blizzard via Ars Technica


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