Want your own IMAX? Start saving, they start at R6 million


It’s a dream that many of us share. A home movie theatre that doesn’t have any other people in it. Sure, it’s great to catch a new film at a cinema but sometimes people can be… well… people. If you have enough money, however, then you don’t have to put up with anything like that. You could just have your very own IMAX built. That’s a thing now.

That is, if you have a very large amount of money to throw at it. Prices for an IMAX Private Theatre start at $400,000, for the ‘Palais’, which translates to a cool R6 million. What you’re getting for your money is an 18-seater theatre and a ten-foot high screen, though the specifications can vary depending on the size theatre you’re after. And how much your bank will let you spend on it. Also, bear in mind that this is just the entry-level IMAX offering.

If you have more than that, you could opt for the 40-seater ‘Platinum’ IMAX. The price tag on that is R14.8 million and IMAX… haven’t actually said what your screen size is going to be. If you’re dropping $1 million, we’d imagine it’s substantial.

IMAX also has a fingerprint-accessed box available in limited markets which will allow owners to watch motion pictures as they’re launched in traditional theatres. The box, called Home Premier, will set buyers back around R150,000. Even so, you’d still have to pay a rental fee to see whichever film you like, in your own home, when it premiers. They haven’t said what that fee will be but the box itself will be limited to Asian sales.

Before you start salivating and your bank account starts complaining, IMAX Private Theatre is only available in the States, China and parts of the Middle East for the moment. You know, where the money is. Showrooms are set to open in Europe soon too, but we’re sure that the company will be tempted Africa way by large amounts of money. And if you do happen to have one of these private IMAX theatres built, send an invitation our way. We’d love to check it out.

Source: Bloomberg


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