The Skagen Hagen Connected is an unpronounceable yet stylish smartwatch


Danish company Skagen has been making (excellent) watches for a long time. Skagen has also long been the source of much argument over the correct pronunciation of their name here in the Stuff offices, but that’s another story (HINT: It’s not pronounced phonetically). But that’s all water under the bridge, as the fashionable wristwear purveyor has come out with their first smart wearable.

Since Skagen is a subsidiary of Fossil, who recent acquired Misfit, something like the Skagen Hagen Connected was probably inevitable. The device is much more a fitness tracker than it is a smartwatch, able to keep tabs on your steps and even your water intake. It’ll also apparently let you control music from your wrist – we’re assuming on your phone – and also receive notifications of emails and SMS. How it’ll do all this with what looks to be a wholly analogue face is something we’ll have to see. Plus, the lone render looks like it’ll be a pleasure to wear, fashion-wise.

There’s also a plain old activity tracker, called the Hagen Activity Tracker, in the works. They haven’t shown this one yet, but it’s supposed to reach the overseas market in October this year. We’re guessing that the stylish wristwatch bit might be toned down for this one. The Skagen Hagen Connected is expected to launch in September, at a $195 (around R3,000) prince point.

Source: The Verge


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