Do not try this at home: Someone’s made a flame-spewing welding visor, because…?


For those times when arc-welding just isn’t dangerous enough, you could always make yourself a welding visor that spits flame. Not at anything specific, because that can get you sent to jail pretty quickly. Just… flame. For no particular reason. Yes, that’s a thing and yes, someone built it at home. No, we’re not going to tell you how to do it.

This is what happens when you let someone, in this case YouTube user Sufficiently Advanced, loose on a welding helmet, some pilot lights, a fuel source and a pump, as well as a few copies of The Incredible X-Men. The build, which spits flame up to three metres, is supposed to represent superhero Cyclops, though we don’t think that he has a problem with possibly setting himself on fire. Or a possible fuel-tank explosion on the side of his head.

Seriously, while this may look cool – especially in the dark – it’s not the sort of thing we’d recommend you go out and try for yourself. If you do, it’ll be on your own head. And clothing. And in the intensive care ward when you need to go for skin-grafts later on.


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