Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7: What the rumours say


We’re getting our first look at Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 come August this year and we’ve even got an approximation of what it’ll look like but the rumour mill for Samsung’s 6-skipping phablet flagship is starting to hot up. Here’s what we (think we) know so far:

The name is still up in the air

Samsung’s new Note, should it follow the numeric pattern established so far, should be called the Galaxy Note 6. But most reports are of the opinion that Samsung are going to be bringing their handset range into line with a simple number skip. As far as these things go, this is the least useful of the rumours so far. For what it’s worth, we reckon that the 7 is coming.

Big screen, curved screen

Note 6 RenderThe latest on Samsung’s Note 7’s display claims that we’re looking at a 5.8-inch display for the powerful new flagship. It’ll be a Super AMOLED, as Samsung tends to favour, and the handset will feature curved edges. That’s plural. Both edges of the screen will be angled downwards and it seems that Samsung is going to be sticking with it. There’s apparently not going to be a flat-screened option for the die-hards out there. The company will be sticking with the QHD resolution, according to reports. No 4K for us. That’s okay, it’s wasted on a phone, as is any battery that comes into contact with it.

Speaking of battery…

Samsung are thought to be packing in a 4,000mAh battery into the Galaxy Note 7. That’s to be expected, as Sammy are going to be sending some high-spec hardware along for the ride. Still, that’s a substantial bump up from the Galaxy Note 5’s 3,000mAh Li-Po power-pack.

Internal organs

Samsung are probably going to have two different types of processor in the Galaxy Note 7. We’re expecting a Snapdragon version and an Exynos 8 CPU is supposedly confirmed for launch. 6GB of RAM looks to be standard and Samsung are also supposed to be using a 12MP camera with phase-detection autofocus and all the other nice goodies we saw in the S7. They could do a lot worse but we’ll still be pleased if they tweak the camera, in a good way. Other rumoured bits include an iris-scanner, IP68 rating, USB-C and Android N out of the box. We’re going to have to wait till release day to confirm, barring a huge leak (which we’re totally expecting soon).

August reveal, August availability?

We’ve already mentioned that we’re expecting Samsung’s new Note handset to be unveiled early in August. It looks, according to reports, like Samsung might be pulling a bit of an Apple and releasing the handset into the market soon after the reveal. There’s talk of the Galaxy Note 7 being on sale in the first week of August – which would be a neat trick, since they’re supposed to be revealing it on 2 August.

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