Local startup Limelens wants to make your smartphone camera smarter


If you’re a Samsung or iPhone user, chances are you’re familiar with the Olloclip. It’s a dandy addition to your mobile photography setup but it’s got a couple of issues. It is sometimes hard to locate in stores and it can get a tad pricy. South African startup Limelens has something quite like the Olloclip called the… Limelens. And it works with more phones than you’d expect.

The Limelens consists of a dual macro/wide lens as well as a fisheye, which comes in a single package along with a collection of fittings that will get the lens additions working on a roster of handsets. Apple, Samsung, Sony and Huawei all crack the nod and there’s also support for a bunch of tablets. And if you’ve ever used a tablet camera, you’ll know that those in particular need the assistance.

The Limelens website went live at 8:00 this morning so you can grab yours now, for R800. If you’re not wholly sold on a lens add-on yet, keep your eyes peeled for our review, which will be appearing soon. We’re expecting the Limelens to arrive at our office… any minute now.


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