KFC India launches Watt-A-Box, a box-meal that can charge your smartphone


So you thought you had seen it all. You were wrong, and so were we. KFC in India, specifically in Delhi and Mumbai, have come up with a novel addition to the conventional box-meal. Called Watt-A-Box, this is a fried chicken package that also includes a small battery and charging cable. The point is to allow you to charge your phone while you eat. Yes, this is a real thing.

We’re just not sure why this is a real thing. Advertising, probably. It’s not really a sensible real-world application of technology aside from the conversation value.

The Watt-A-Box is a collaboration between KFC in India and a company called Blink Digital and sees some folk getting (or rather, winning) an actual battery charger with their greasy chicken meal. Or prospective users could enter an online competition to win one, provided you live in that country.

It’s not going to be that easy to get the battery charger, which arrives with both an Android- and iPhone compatible cable for connecting your device. Those that do get one – they’ll have to win the online or in-store competitions to snag a Watt-A-Box – will find that the chargers are removable so they can be used when you’re finished getting your fingers oily. Too bad the 6,100mAh batteries don’t seem to be that effective.

It’s probably a good thing that this is just a small-run promotion rather than a massive rollout of batteries-with-meals. We’ve got enough trouble disposing of fast food packaging, we don’t really need to add e-waste into the mix.

Source: BGR


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