Samsung is betting big on the Internet of Things


The smart home is coming to everyone, if Samsung has anything at all to say about it. They’ve been probing the Internet of Things for some time now and they’ve just announced that they’re getting in deeper with the future technology. To the tune of a new $1.2 billion investment.

The investment, in IoT research and development, will be spread out over four years and will remain focused on the United States. We’re not expecting many changes for locations like South Africa in that period but if the company is able to make the Internet of Things fly straighter in the US we should catch some of the innovations as they zoom past.

Samsung’s vice chairman and CEO Dr. Oh-Hyun Kwon said “Today, IoT is changing individual lives – helping people to age in their own homes. But tomorrow, using IoT, we can give the same independence to millions of Americans. We can keep people out of hospitals and nursing homes. As our populations live longer, these benefits and cost savings for society cannot be ignored.”

They’ve got, by the sound of things, grander plans than just making sure that our homes know and adjust to our preferences. Time will tell if they pull it off. One thing’s certain: Samsung intends to be waiting on the ground floor when the Internet of Things takes off, to butcher a couple of metaphors.

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