It looks as though Apple is phasing out non-Retina Macbook Pros


We’re no strangers to Apple getting rid of members of its product lineup. Something new will hit the market and something old will just disappear, as though it never existed, save for a few old warrantee claims. The non-Retina Macbook Pro, though there has been no official announcement, could be one of these.

Several reports in the States claim that Apple is going around and removing legacy Macbook Pro units from retail locations in the US. This is thought to be a precursor to a full phasing out of the optical drive-toting notebook, which would be replaced by Retina models for the foreseeable future. Unless Apple, you know, decides to release something really odd in the interim.

It may not be official yet but if you’re still fond of the idea of an older Apple Macbook Pro, you should probably hie thee to an Apple-supporting store and grab one of the non-Retina models while you can. South Africa may lag behind the world in many things but if Apple wants those notebooks disappeared worldwide, it’s going to happen.

Source: via Apple Insider and The Next Web


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