Detroit: Become Human will give us choices – in more ways than one


We’ve been excited for Detroit: Become Human before the game was a game. Ever since the Kara tech demo, we’ve been waiting for a proper launch, which is why last October’s announcement lit up so many of our attention centres. At this year’s E3 Sony and Quantic Dream took things a few steps further, by introducing us to another protagonist and giving us a deeper look at what being human means to Detroit: Become Human.

There Are Multiple Protagonists In Store

What we’re seeing so far, in the gameplay above, is a game that looks far more like predecessor Heavy Rain than Beyond: Two Souls. If you haven’t played either before, take our word for it. Heavy Rain‘s the better game. The first sign of similarity is in the number of protagonists. There’s Kara, who was introduced with the initial reveal, and now there’s also Connor, another android. Connor is what is known as a Deviant Hunter, who tackles rogue androids known as deviants. It seems that he’s going to have his hands full. Of blood, in some cases.

Movement Looks Better Than Ever

Detroit DanielPart of the problem with cinematic games like Detroit: Become Human is that linking sections where players are wholly in control tend to feel flat and lifeless, like you’re guiding a doll around a digital playhouse. In the new gameplay footage there’s a greater emphasis on natural movement. It seems that player characters will react to their surroundings better. It’ll still look robotic if you’re fiddling around when you’re supposed to be getting on with it but better idle animations should alleviate that.

Asking The Hard Questions

Quantic Dream have always had a thing for asking tough questions about the world and Detroit is carrying on that tradition. The gameplay snippet above literally asks those questions. We see them coming out of Connor’s mouth, and deviant Daniel is also very explicit about asking why he was created. It’s also implied, in the reactions to Connor by the young girl’s mother and the police officers on scene. You’re going to be wondering just how we should be treating androids, whether or not they look like us.

Branching Choices Are In Evidence

Detroit Flow ChartAs is usual with Quantic Dream titles, players are going to be facing a range of outcomes. Seemingly small choices might send you barrelling down a new avenue of events. The trailer offers a look at the decision tree in the single scene that is being presented here, along with a quick cut of the various outcomes. And, speaking of outcomes…

Your Decisions Will Have Consequences

Beyond: Two Souls had choices but, at the end of the day, it didn’t seem that there was much going on in the background. Detroit: Become Human offers players something more substantial. Make a mistake as Connor and you’ll find yourself headed to the scrap-heap. Sure, he’s an android and could just be reassembled but it could also mean a more permanent death. We’re not sure of that yet. Playing as Kara, an emancipated android, might be the likelier avenue for perma-death but that also suggests a larger playable roster than just the two androids. For now, just this is enough to keep our excitement riding high.


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