The Xbox One will be substantially cheaper for the next four days


Oh, the agony of choice. Especially when there is a time-limit involved. Confused? Should have read the headline then.

The Xbox One S has just been announced, at E3 2016. We know it’s going to be launching some time in or after August this year, but we’re not sure what price point it’s going to land at. And, just to make the waiting tougher, local Xbox One suppliers Prima Interactive have announced a four-day price drop for the standard Xbox One console.

So you have two choices. Either wait it out, take your chances on the rand-dollar exchange and local markup and get yourself an Xbox One S. Or, head out to “…all leading South African retailers and e-tailers during the promotion period” and snag yourself an Xbox One 500GB for R5,000 or an Xbox One 1TB for R5,500. But you’ve only got from tomorrow, 16 June, to Sunday, 19 June, to decide. After that, prices bounce back to their old levels.

If you’re holding for for the 2TB Xbox One S, then it’s an easy call. But if you were waiting for a 1TB slim console and aren’t fussed about the streaming tech, the current R1,500 discount will want to persuade your wallet over the long weekend. Because that’s a… pretty good deal. Assuming you were going to buy one anyway.


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