Our first official look at Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 should come in August


Elaborate hoax or legitimate invitation? That’s the question we need to ask ourselves but our money is on legit. Samsung’s new Galaxy Note should be revealed to the world on 2 August this year, right before we all go do the local elections thing. Right?

Back to Samsung, an apparent invitation for the company’s Unpacked 2016 event, set to take place in New York on 2 August this year, has leaked. We have pictures, courtesy of SamMobile, and it’s packed with detail – from the venue, date and time to enough 7 symbology to make Brad Pitt wonder what’s in the box. Whether it’s the Note 7 (Samsung could be skipping out the Note 6 entirely to bring the range into numerical line), a Note 7 Edge or just a variation of the Galaxy S7 Edge isn’t clear but the image definitely likes the number ‘7’. And it references the ‘edge’ bit explicitly.

SamMobile believes that there’s only one new handset coming, which would be a good move on Samsung’s part. It’s been releasing a lot of different phones of late for a company that claimed to be cutting back. Samsung could be merging the Note series with the Sx Edge+ devices to give us a Galaxy Note 7 Edge, with the company’s distinctive curved screen. Or they could do all that and just call it a Note 7. Who knows.

Whatever they choose, there are some specifications expected to be revealed on the day. A 5.8-inch QHD curved screen, a Snapdragon 823 processor – likely with an Exynos version as well, and USB-C charging are the main expectations but Samsung might also be giving an iris-scanner, IP68 certification, and a 4,000mAh battery a go with this release.

The company has yet to confirm whether the invite is the real deal, so we’re going to have to wait for some official word but… we’re pretty sure early August is the time-frame we’re after.

Source: SamMobile


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