Dive into seven minutes of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare with Ship Assault


Hey, you know that part of the new Call of Duty that you’re not even going to look at before you start levelling up online? Yeah, you might want to rethink that choice. E3 has brought us many spectacles but few like the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Ship Assault gameplay that Activision has unleashed.

That’s because the game series that constantly gets flack because it never changes has er… changed. Players will still be running around putting bullets in the wallhacking scum running around with OP profiles but they’ll be doing so in space. And you know what that means: Flying a space-jet-fighter and having Star Wars-like dogfights out in the Solar System. Okay, so perhaps that wasn’t so obvious.

The new gameplay sequence shifts from a mothership to a dogfight in space, which really does seem like it has borrowed from the Skywalker stories. From there, things finally start to seem familiar as the first-person run-and-gun (or float-and-gun) combat starts to take shape in an attack on the target – in this case a spaceship (with glass windows, for some reason). Melee attacks involve tearing off space-suit helmets pretty much every surface is a potential attacking point, and using a gun in space doesn’t end with the player being launched backwards into the vacuum. Somehow. Getting around in zero gravity is helped along by the addition of a grappling hook.

Once inside the ship part of Ship Assault, prospective players will see the Call of Duty heritage in no uncertain terms. Corridors, cover, robots, and grenades go boom, just the same as they always have. Big action, big stakes and big set-pieces – it really does look as though Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare‘s campaign could do with your attention this year.


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